Group portraits (cont’d.)

In the continuing saga of my group portait journey, here’s the next episode. In the previous post I showed you my attempt of a group portrait of my three boys. I also said I wasn’t too pleased with the end-result. Too static, too directed, too formal. No sense of who they are, no feeling, no connect. So I gave it another shot (no pun intended). This time with a different approach. Me and the camera further away from the objects, avoiding the “head and shoulders only” composition and giving the shot more “body” (again, no pun intended). My actual intention was to have the three of them discuss a subject and at the count of three, have them all look at me. As if I interrupted them in whatever they we’re doing. I must admit, I didn’t work out they way I had in mind, but it feels like I’m making progress. Especially compared to the previous group portrait of them.


Used my Nikon flash-unit to light the backgound a bit. You can see the lighting setup here.

Okay, it feels like I’m moving in the right direction, but not quite there yet. Sure, there’s more than enough that can be said about this shot and why it’s not perfect. But that’s beside the point. Like I said, consider this group portrait as a journey and as long as I’m able to improve with each stop, I’m happy. On to the next stop…

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