I’m a Dutch photographer specialised in studio photography which translates mainly into doing portraits. To get an impression of my work have a look at Gallery/Portrait. Of course, you are more than welcome to visit the other galleries as well.

I work with Nikon photo equipment for the most part. I’m a strong believer of taking the picture as good as you can and keep post-processing to a minimum. Therefore, I don’t consider myself a Photoshop expert. I use Nikon’s Capture NX2 for all te post-processing I do. The same applies to printing. Instead of doing any serious printing myself, I rely on the expertise of my good friends at Profotonet (see www.profotonet.nl). I have never been disappointed by their results so far. They also happen to do an excellent job for black and white printing for which they use Ilford’s dedicated paper. Guaranteed no colourcast.

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