You may have noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet recently. Don’t worry, it’s still alive. Reality is, though, that a number of other issues urgently require my attention at the moment. As a result my photography activities, including updating this blog, have been somewhat slow over the month or so. By no means it’s the end of the line here as far as photography is concerned. I also don’t have the intention to turn it into a blog with a most recent update of a few years ago. Plenty of those to be found on the internet, as it is.

So what’s in the pipeline and what can you expect here? Well, there’s a Walker Evans exhibition going on at the moment in Amsterdam. The plan here, of course, is a visit and small report. There’s also a sportsportrait series in the works. I’m in contact with the local fitness centre to do a series of sportsportraits in August. Hope to come to an agreement on this in the next few weeks. Summer holidays are delaying the process right now.

Anyway, stay tuned for more news on the Walker Evans exhibition and an update on my photoshoot at the fitness centre.

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