Nik Software CEP 3.004 available

Only recently announced by Nik Software and as of yesterday the latest version of Color Efex Pro 3 – 3.004 – is already available for download. This version supports Capture NX2 2.3 in 64-bit mode.

Compliments go to Nik Software for understanding the sentiment in the CNX2 community with the release of version 2.3 and also a very big THANK YOU for making the new CEP 3 plugin available so quickly. Truly outstanding marketing and support. Kudos to Nik Software!

I think with this I’ve spend more than enough on the technical side of photography. Next entries will focus on content.

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8 Responses to Nik Software CEP 3.004 available

  1. nobsta says:

    Agree with your compliments. Is there anything you have to take care of with the installation/upgrade of both versions? Thank you.

    • Reinier says:

      Assuming you’re not running CNX2 2.3 yet, you simply download and install CEP 3.004 first. You then upgrade to CNX2 2.3 and select 64-bit during setup. Very straightforward.

  2. juan says:

    where can i download from?

  3. Erol Cagdas says:

    Dear Reinier,

    Like yourself, I too prefer Capture NX 2 in addition with Color Efex Pro. I have CNX2 64 bits 2.3.5 installed, and had the trialversion of CEP 3, just wonderfull. However, I wanted to purchase it, and so, today I received the boxed version of CEP 3 for CNX2, which seems version 3.108 or so. However, it will not install, because it can not find it.
    I tried to enter the serial from the box, but that would not work either. I did register it on the Nik site, but when I click on download, I get taken to a different page.
    Kind of hopeless as I cannot seem to get this thing to work. I do have a LR4 trial, which I do not want to be forced tp purchase and use, because I do not like it, unlike most other people, at all.

    Do you have some advise what to do?

    Regards / vriendelijke groet,

    • Reinier says:

      Can you please explain with what you mean when you say “it will not install, because it cannot find it”. What is the message you get? What does “it” mean here?
      Also you state that you tried to enter the serial from the box. How can you enter a serial number when it will not install? I assume that the installation starts, but fails halfway?

      • Erol Cagdas says:

        Hi Reinier,

        First of all, thanks for your response/effort.

        Yes, it did fail halfway, as I could not install it (it = CEP3). Also when I just left everything as-is, meaning, Capture NX2 x64 + CEP3 trial, and when trying to write down the serial, it would say it is not correct.
        The other “it” is that when my CNX2 x64 was installed and I tried to install CEP3, it would say during installation: “Capture NX2 can not be found”.

        I have de-installed, re-installed Capture NX2, lower version, you name it, the whole thing of getting CEP3 to run would not work. I started from scratch, installed even the older version of CNX2 and then CRP3 from the CD. While, on the NIK website I had my out-of-the-box code registered, I never got a special CNX2 code to install CEP3 (as it says on the box).

        What I did this morning is call Nik in Germany. I got a real friendly guy in the line. Explained him I was using the trial, and had purchased just recently the boxed version, but that it would not accept my serial nr from the boxed version. He asked me for some info from my purchase and located my registration. He asked me to log on again on NIK, and yes! There was a NIK generated CEP3 code.
        The man who helped was extremely friendly and he informed to download the 3.004 version.

        Here is what worked for me:

        Before I called NIK, I:

        1) I installed CNX2 to the latest version 2.3.5.
        2) I installed CEP 3.004, selected trial, which gave me the message is was expired already
        3) Spoke NIK and got my NIK generated CEP3 code (as I wrote above)
        4) I opened CNX2, moved to Help -> Color Efex Pro 3 -> and filled in my name in the first box, my name in the 2nd, left box 3 empty, and filled in the code in the 4th box.
        5) Working!!!

        So, I may have answered my own questions, and of course I am extremely happy it works now!

        Hope this will be of help to anyone reading who is facing the same problem.

        • Reinier says:


          Very glad to hear you got it working. Also good to hear the positive feedback on Nik support. Hope to continue to keep it up now they’re part of Google. To be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do without CNX2/CEP3. Lightroom seems the only reasonable alternative. I’m so used to CNX2 and it does everything I need. Unless forced, I’m not going to switch. Good luck and happy editing with these powerful tools!


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