It is one year now that this site has been up and running. The number of visits has been growing steadily month over month and, therefore, this anniversary calls for a small celebration. Each month I have been publishing entries on the blog about things that have one thing in common: photography. This ranges from personal activities to things I’ve noticed in musea or magazines, or to photo editing software. At least, things that I found worth sharing with the rest of the photographic community. I realized that lately I have covered the software element – in particular the editing piece – quite extensively. More than likely caused by recent announcements of new releases of certain editing products and the lack of integration with other products from different vendors.

Personally, I feel that photo editing is an integral part of photo publishing and therefore I should cover it on my site. However, I also feel – and have stated this several times over the last year – editing should be kept to a minimum. The very basics of photography still remains with watching, thinking and doing. It all starts with a good eye. For detail, for instance. Or for the just the opposite: the overall situation. But you have to have “that eye” for seeing things. Then you have to think of what it actually is that struck you and how you’re going to translate that to the camera. And finally, of course, you have to take the picture. If you all do this as good as you possibly can, then editing should and can be kept to a minimum.

For 2012 my intention – as far as this site is concerned anyway – is to spend more on taking the picture than editing it. Although post-production is inevitable and I’m sure I’ll continue to write about new versions being released by the different software vendors, but I’ll try to avoid it to become too dominant.

I wish everybody all the best for 2012 and may it be the year you will take your best picture ever!

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