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My wife recently purchased a Nikon P8100 compact camera. She uses it for the ordinary everyday pictures we all take every now and then. We’re just back from a short break to Sicily where she used it taking picures at the swimming pool, at the beach, at the late night dinner, of the cathedral, and so on. The 12MP camera serves this purpose very well and it also fits nicely into a lady’s purse.

I, on the other hand, carried my backpack stuffed my own (semi) professional gear. Not a very wise decision. First of all, because it was too hot to drag all the equipment – including several zoom lenses and flash units – across the island. Secondly, because I set myself a goal this time to only use the recently bought 50mm prime lens. This was because I feel zoom lenses make photographers lazy. In the good old pre-zoom lens days, you simply had to come closer or do a step back to get the composition you were looking for. I kind of like this walking around. Of course, in the end, using fixed focal length lenses means carrying even more stuff around, but I like the idea of constraining yourself to work within certain self-defined boundaries.  So all the pictures I took during our break were taken with the prime lens. Next time it will be the only lens I’ll be taking with me. Anyway, just to give you an impression, here are some of the prime lens shots.

Normally, I try to avoid taking sunset pictures. I think they lack originality and everybody can do it (and is doing it). But I admit, I was weak and did it too.

Mount Etna. It resembled a moon landscape because of all the lava remains. Although the orginal photo’s were almost black and white by itself, I converted them anyway.

I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself. Simply had to include some portraits: The Merchant of Palermo and an olive tree giving some lovely soft natural light.

And do remember: all of the above photographs taken with the same lens.

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  1. Stef says:

    I am very impressed with your black and white photos, very nice detail.

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