Still life and Jopie Huisman

As some of you might know, I’m following a photography course from Dies Groot. Our latest assignment was to produce a portrait or still life. I decided to go for the still life this time. The 17th century masters are one of my favourite sources of inspiriration and the Google Art Project ( is the perfect vehicle to walk through all of these beautiful paintings from all over the world. Because spring is in the air, I set my mind on a vase with tulips (so Dutch…). To symbolise the winter that we leave behind, I added a bottle of red wine and some French cheese and put these in the darker part of the picture. Anyway, here it is. Judge for yourself.

Today I visited the Jopie Huisman museum ( He was a Dutch painter with a unique own technique. Incredible details in his work. Lot of his work (at least the work he’s well-known about) has to do with junk and litter, like worn shoes, clothing, stale bread, etc. Simple day-to-day things with a story of their own and painted in the form of a still life.

Jopie Huisman (1922-2000) painted in such a realistic way, you almost think you can touch the objects he used. What we like to call 3D these days. The images above don’t do justice to the actual level of detail his work has. You really have to see that for yourself. Unfortunately, the museum is not part of the Google Art Project yet (if it ever will be…), but for me it’s definitely another source of inspiration. It will be a challenge to create a photographic equivalent of his paintings. As of today, it’s added to my list of things to do.

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  1. Fidelis Hoeberichts - DeCruz says:

    Thank you for your short write up of Jopie Huisman. I am more of a detailed artist myself and not too sure of myself with all the modern art around some of which is rather hidious and frightening!!
    So thanks to you and Jopie Huisman I feel much better. Best wishes, Fidelis

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