Things ahead

October has nearly started, so a good time to share with you my planned photography activities for this month. Actually a number of things are scheduled:

Mentoring program
On Monday, October 8, I will start with participating in a mentoring program. The mentor is Diana Bokje, whom I have met earlier this year in her class Criticizing Photographs. Together with a  number of fellow members of my camera club we will work on the expressiveness of our work in 8 different sessions over the next 4 months. I’m really looking forward to this masterclass. I’m sure I’ll have something to report on this in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Arnold Newman exhibition
Later this month an exhibition on the work of Arnold Newman will start in The Hague. Actually, it will be the first exhibition of his work after his death in 2006. I’ll be visiting it on the 18th. This fits very nicely into the mentoring program as Newman is well-known for his in context portraits. He has photographed many celebrities in their natural environment. Just a portrait wasn’t good enough for him; by adding the personal habitat, he tried to reveal something about their life and character. Another activity I’m very much looking forward to.

National Photo Association Masterclass
Taking place in November, but I subscribed this morning (which makes it more or less an October activity). The National Photo Associated (Fotobond) is organizing a whole day in November where several topics will be discussed in parallel sessions. Also the work of several masters will be discussed.

So plenty of things to see and learn, but let’s not forget to take some pictures as well! You can expect some personal work to be presented and discussed on this blog the coming weeks.

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